What is teelaunch?

Explaining what we do is hard. 

There’s the technical explanation: We use technology to connect your e-commerce shop to factories all over the world.

There’s the philosophical explanation: We enable you to achieve your dreams/financial independence by allowing you to create your own shop quickly and with no overhead.

There’s also the no BS explanation: We sell basically the same things for the same prices as our competitors, but we do it better. Why is that? Because teelaunch is a company founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. teelaunch was an idea that we conceived to help us escape our day jobs. 

Turning this company into a success was both the most challenging and satisfying thing we’ve ever attempted. We aren’t a VC backed tech startup. All our funding comes from hard work and reinvested profits. We’re a sustainable business that will be around long enough to leave it to our children. We want to create strong partnerships with our customers and help them start/build their business.