Factory direct pricing

No Games, Gimmicks or Monthly Fees.

I have used teelaunch for a while now and it is the easiest Print On Demand app I have used to make my store. My designs never look bad because of how organized and strict the creating process is, the app is easy to navigate…

Offset orca


Companies talk about their products but not really why selection matters. Back in the beginning of print on demand people came up with an idea, launched a campaign, made some money and repeated the cycle. But now you’re building brands, building companies with repeat customers and loyal followings.

To keep your customers happy you need to keep your products fresh, not only with your designs but also with the products you offer. We strive to not only improve the depth (different styles of the same product) of our offerings but the breadth (different product types) all the time. 

Work with us and we won’t let your brand get stale.


Let’s face it, we are living in a post Amazon world. People expect to get things fast. Two things influence the speed at which your customers get their products. How fast it ships and where it ships from. People tend to focus on how fast it ships out, but that’s only half of the equation.

We’ve been working hard to forge partnerships with factories around the globe. We recognized that is easiest way to get your customer their goods faster is to reduce the distance between the factory and the customer.

Let us show you our global network.