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sell elsewhere

Even if you sell on another platform you can still use teelaunch to fulfill your orders.

You'll still need a Shopify account to access our app, but you don't need the $29/month plan you can use the $9/month plan which is basically a full Shopify plan without the online store portion.

To get started first head on over to Once there click on the Get started button in the upper righthand side.

Just give them your email address, set your password and type in your store name.

Next they're going to ask you a few questions. The answers don't really matter, it's just for Shopify to get a sense of what type of people are signing up for accounts.

Next Shopify wants you to give them your address. Even though you aren't receiving payments through Shopify you need to give them your address to finish setting up your account. Once you do that you'll be taken to your dashboard.

Here you'll want to click on the button on the very bottom of the screen that says Select a plan .

Now you'll need to install the teelaunch app. You can find our app page by clicking here. Once there you'll want to click on the big green Get button on the top of the page.

You'll then be taken back to your dashboard where you'll be asked to give us permission to install our app in your store. Just press the Install App button on the bottom of the page.

With the teelaunch app installed now you can start creating your products that you want us to fulfill.

Now that you are all signed up for Shopify and you've installed our app you can start placing your orders. For more information on creating draft orders please watch the video below.